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RemoteBox   v1.9           27 Oct 22:45, 2014

RemoteBox is a client for administring guest VMs on a VirtualBox server. It provides a complete GTK interface similar to VirtualBox itself, and allows direct interaction (RDP) with the running system from ...

Changes: major feature: Combined guest logs onto a single tabbed window. Added fix to show documentation when running on Windows. Added Memory Bar to show memory usage on the server. Added support for importing ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   perl, gtk, virtualization, remote, virtualbox, client, rdp

I2Pd   v0.1.0           27 Oct 19:05, 2014

I2Pd is a lightweight C++ implementation of a I2P privacy network layer router. It provides pseudonymity for all routed application protocols, can be used for web browsing, IRC connections, and file transfers.

Changes: minor feature: This initial release supports router functionality, functions as HTTP proxy, can provide I2P tunnels (client and server), and SAM with streaming.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, i2p, privacy, security, network-protocol, routing

Pioneers   v15.3           27 Oct 15:25, 2014

Pioneers is a PC game version of the board game The Settlers of Catan. It can be played against the computer, or over the internet by finding up to 8 players per gaming metaserver. Custom layouts can be ...

Changes: cleanup: Relicense of the desktop icons to CC-BY-SA-4.0. The last version was ported from Gtk2 to Gtk3.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, gtk, win32, game, board-game, turn-based, strategy

firejail   v0.9.14           27 Oct 11:56, 2014

Firejail is a security sandbox tool, which utilizes Linux 3.x namespaces to setup restricted environments for untrusted applications. It works for console and graphical applications, servers, or even login ...

Changes: major feature: This release brings in support for user-defined seccomp blacklists, tracing filesystem and network accesses, bind mounts, process resource limits, monitoring ARP tables, route tables ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, linux, security, process-isolation, namespaces, sandbox

Nightfall   v1.86           27 Oct 09:06, 2014

Nightfall is an astronomy application for science, education, and fun. It can produce animated views of eclipsing binary stars, calculate synthetic lightcurves and radial velocity curves, and eventually ...

Changes: major bugfix: For the case of an elliptic orbit, the contact times and the conversion of stellar radii to absolute units have been fixed.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   education, astronomy

TeXstudio   v2.8.6           27 Oct 07:01, 2014

TeXstudio is an IDE that simplifies creating and editing LaTeX documents. It has numerous features like syntax highlighting, an integrated document and PDF viewer, reference checking and link overlays, ...

Changes: minor feature: tab key inserts tab or indents, depending on cursor selection error table can be filtered and sorted tooltips on package names show a short description of the package support and ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, qt5, latex, tex, word-processor, text-editor, wordsetting

Julia   v0.4.0           27 Oct 07:01, 2014

Julia is a high-level, dynamic, and JIT-compiled programming language for technical computing. It integrates distributed multiple-dispatch parallel execution, a mathemetical function library, numerical ...

Changes: feature major: New language features Unicode version 7 is now supported for identifiers etcetera (). Type parameters now permit any arbitrary `isbits` type, not just Int` and `Bool` (). Keyword ...
License:   MITL
Keywords:   c, programming-language, julia, python, llvm

Chatty   v0.7.1           27 Oct 06:55, 2014

Chatty is a chat client for Twitch as alternative to the webchat. It avoids the complexity of IRC but still provides many Twitch specific features, such as emoticons, user icons, nick colors, OAuth connection, ...

Changes: major feature: - Added Emoticon Favorites, that are displayed in the Emote Dialog (you can - only add Twitch Emotes for now, not FFZ or BTTV) - Added support for correct capitalization of names ...
License:   Apache
Keywords:   java, chat, twitch

RKWard   v0.6.2           27 Oct 06:55, 2014

RKWard is an IDE/GUI for the R programming language, which adds powerful statistics tools. It provides a spreadsheet-like data editor, syntax highlighting, code folding and completion, CSV/SPSS import, ...

Changes: minor feature: In data editor, indicate NAs, explicitly Import Stata plugin gains option to convert character encoding. New plugin for recoding categorical data New embeddable plugin "multi_input" ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   r, ide, statistics

Scid vs. PC   v4.13           27 Oct 03:45, 2014

Scid vs. PC is a continuation of Shane's Chess Information Database, which provides a chess toolkit, move database, analysis tools, various chess AI engine bindings or to online servers. It remains database-compatible ...

Changes: major feature: Analysis Engine: exclude move(s) feature. Mouse-hover shows excluded moves (UCI only). Analysis Engine: button to pop-up unrevealed buttons, and redo a few icons. Maintenance: Bulk ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, tcl, tk, game, chess, chess-engine, database, online-player

GPS Interactive Time Series Analysis   v1.2.0-D           27 Oct 00:05, 2014

Gitsa processes and analyzes time series in earth science from GPS data. It calculates basic statistics or quality parameters, such as mean and variance. It ca import and visualize different standard time ...

Changes: minor bugfix: ./.
License:   BSDL
Keywords:   matlab, gps, earth-science, mapping, time-series

Gfarm File System   v2.5.8.12           26 Oct 20:05, 2014

Gfarm is a network shared filesystem and alternative to NFS, but optimized for reliability and scaling. It can federate local disks of network-connected PCs and compute nodes in several clusters. Plugins ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Do not start master mode when another gfmd is running to avoid unexpected misconfiguration.
License:   BSDL
Keywords:   c, filesystem, network, file-server, file-sharing, distributed

Mandos   v1.6.9           26 Oct 15:23, 2014

The Mandos system allows computers to have encrypted root file systems and at the same time be capable of remote or unattended reboots. The computers run a small client program in the initial RAM disk ...

Changes: minor feature: Server: Changed to emit standard D-Bus signal when D-Bus properties change. (The old signal is still emitted too, but marked as deprecated.)
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   boot, security, cryptography, systems, administration

Scrabble3D   vserver           26 Oct 10:05, 2014

Scrabble3D is a versatile Scrabble game, that implements a classic mode, Superscrablle, and 3D games as well as customized boards. It can be played against online opponents or against the computer. Letterset, ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Last issues with registration of new users solved.
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   lazarus, fpc, game, board-game, puzzle-game, scrabble, multiplayer, qt, gtk, x11, win32, 3d, opengl

Pixelitor   v2.1.4           26 Oct 05:05, 2014

Pixelitor is a Java/cross-platform image editor. It provides image filters, drawing tools, layered editing, bleding modes, multiple undo steps, etc. Its main attraction are the more than 80 unique image ...

Changes: minor feature: Performance improvements for the "Clouds", "Value Noise", "Caustics", "Wood" filters. New parameter for the "Threshold" filter. Fixed a bug that led to "out of memory" errors under ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   java, image, image-editor, graphic-filter, raster-graphics

feindura   v2.0.7           26 Oct 05:05, 2014

feindura is WebCMS with file-based storage and a lightweight architecture, suitable for small and visually pleasing websites. It's easy to set up, utilizes MooTools for its interface and administration ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Contains a fix to the .htaccess file, which was broken with the new Apache 2.4 version.
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   php, wcms, content-management, websites, dhtml, mootools

O2 Project   v2.2           26 Oct 00:25, 2014

O2 is a flexible and encrypted archiving system for personal data like contacts, account and credit cards, Wi-Fi passwords, etc. It allows categorization of stored entities, regrouping, adding new meta info, ...

Changes: minor bugfix: New portable release that installs directly on removable media. Added the new feature "Replace role" to the objects menu: replaces the role of the selected objects in their relations. Minor ...
License:   MPL
Keywords:   win32, delphi, password-manager, archiving

Decompiler   v0.3.0.0           25 Oct 19:45, 2014

Decompiler reads EXE, DLL and ELF program binaries, disassembles them, tries to infer data types, and produce structured C source code from it. It fully supports x86 and m68k machine code and partially ...

Changes: major bugfix: Fixed a few bugs in the MsMangledNameParser. CodeView now has a handy scrollbar. Clicking on procedures in the ProcedureDesigner browser now navigates to the procedure in question. ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, mono, decompiler, programmers, c

librtas   v1.3.13           25 Oct 15:05, 2014

librtas provides an interface for Run-Time Abstraction Services (RTAS) calls on the 64-bit PowerPC architecture for low-level hardware configuration. It allows to examine hardware states, influencing its ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Convert the host endian value carefully when passing long int in two words. Fix LE parsing of SRC/FRU events.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, hardware, driver, firmware, administrator

GlobalSight   v8.5.6           25 Oct 13:05, 2014

GlobalSight is a content translation software with process management. It integrates text translation tools, glossaries, and allows to customize the text editing workflow, reviewing, and approval. It comes ...

Changes: minor bugfix: SID matched segments not populated. McAfee SaaS: Character Escape Handler. Ability to upload TER from any activity. Refine the error message for unsupported report. Add log info to ...
License:   Apache
Keywords:   java, localization, translation, workflow

uGet Download Manager   v1.99.4           25 Oct 09:45, 2014

uGet is a powerful cross-platform download manager. It allows to queue and schedule downloads, categorize them, resume interrupted file downloads, implictly start retrieving URLs from the clipboard, batch ...

Changes: minor feature: curl plug-in: retry all URI (include mirrors) every time. response error if file size is different. aria2 plug-in: change lowest speed limit to 128 byte/sec. Don't change node name ...
License:   GNU LGPL
Keywords:   c, gtk, file, download, http, ftp, download-manager, command-line, win32

Quick Hash GUI   v2.5.2           25 Oct 06:25, 2014

Quick Hash GUI provides recursive file hashing, copying and verification of whole directory structures. It provides a simple GUI for Linux and Windows. It can also verify whole partitions, provides MD5 ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Implemented a scheduler for disk hashing on Windows. Added an additional Path column to Files for seperating the path from basename. Allow copying without carrying along the complete ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   fpc, pascal, gnome, win32, hash, files, forensic

Calibre   v2.7           25 Oct 03:15, 2014

Calibre is an e-book library management application, viewer and editor. It's also commonly used for e-book file format conversion and syncing to reader devices. Calibre also simplifies downloading news ...

Changes: minor feature: Release: 2.7 24 Oct, 2014 New FeaturesSupport for the new Kindle Voyage The notification for the completion of background jobs, such as bulk metadata download, has been redesigned ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   python, c++, ebook-reader, e-book, conversion

ACLang   v2014.10.23           25 Oct 00:25, 2014

AC is a simple and dynamic C-style programming language. It provides dynamic typing obviously, first-class functions and closures, incremental garbage collection, unicode identifiers, native JSON syntax ...

Changes: minor feature: Implement bindFunc(). Add operator+ ("_add"). Modified for bison 3.0.2.
License:   MITL
Keywords:   c++, aclang, programming-language, dynamic, dynamic-types

quickRDP   v2.4           24 Oct 21:05, 2014

quickRDP is desktop tool to manage RDP, VNC and SSH connections. It allows to declare custom connection init commands, indicates the connection status, provides network ready-state check for instant connections, ...

Changes: minor feature: New command interface. Command per connection can now be used so that a command that mounts C on a RDP connection could instead connect Filezilla on SFTP instead. Command examples ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   c++, wxwidgets, ssh, vnc, rdp, connection-manager

matplotlib   v1.4.2           24 Oct 17:25, 2014

Python matplotlib is a for 2D plotting publication-ready figures in various formats, or rendering them interactively cross-platform. It can be scripted or used in Pythons interactive shell, within web applications, ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Order of includes fixed, PEP8 fix. Fix path clipping. Handle default in offset position correctly. Silence UniCode error in get_rotation.
License:   Python
Keywords:   python, plotting, graphs, science, mathematics, matlab, matplot

APNG Assembler   v2.9           24 Oct 14:05, 2014

APNG Assembler combines multiple PNG or TGA files into a squentially animated image in APNG format. It comes as command-line tool, or with a GUI for Windows, supports multiple color and palette optimizations, and ...

Changes: minor feature: Duplicate frames optimization (add frame delays).
License:   zlib
Keywords:   c, graphics, image-conversion, animation

PacketFence   v4.5.0           24 Oct 10:25, 2014

PacketFence is a network access control (NAC) manager. It includes numerous features, including user registration and sanitation, central wireless and cable-network control, BYOD (bring-your-own-device) ...

Changes: major feature: Added provisioning support for Symantec SEPM, MobileIron and OPSWAT. Added Barracuda firewall support for single sign-on. pfmon can now run tasks on different intervals. Added a ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   php, perl, administrator, network, security, wireless, web-based, monitoring, access-control

pngcrush   v1.7.78           24 Oct 06:45, 2014

Pngcrush is size optimizer for PNG images. It's a command-line tool, works on Unix and DOS environments. It reduces the IDAT picture data stream by testing different PNG filter methods and compression ...

Changes: minor feature: Made "-s -silent" option suppress libpng warnings.
License:   GNU LGPL
Keywords:   c, c, developers, image-processing, png, compression, graphics-conversion

Sweet Home 3D   v4.5           24 Oct 03:18, 2014

Sweet Home 3D is an interior design application that helps you to quickly draw the floor plan of your house, arrange furniture on it, and visit the results in 3D.

Changes: minor feature: Replaced the Loader3DS library by a new one that better interprets colors, transparency and subparts placing of 3D models at 3DS format (caution: the customization of materials set ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   modeller, design, visualization, java

TXR Language   v100           24 Oct 03:16, 2014

TXR is a "data munging" language which combines a convenient text extraction notation that is equivalent in power to Parse Expression Grammars, with an innovative Lisp dialect which manages to integrate ...

Changes: minor feature: New functions: chr-isblank and chr-isunisp, - New generic less and greater functions, which are also used as, -max, max-pos, and others. - New directives @(line) and @(chr) for binding ...
License:   BSDL-2
Keywords:   interpreter, development, lisp

Checkstyle   v6.0           24 Oct 03:15, 2014

Checkstyle assists with source coding standard checking for Java. It supports the Sun or Google code conventions, but is flexible and configurable. It can be run as console tool, or integrated as ANT task.

Changes: minor feature: Support of single-line and block comments in parse tree. ANTLR4 grammar for parsing Javadoc comments. AnnotationLocationCheck. AtclauseOrderCheck. JavadocParagraph. JavadocTagContinuationIndentation. SingleLineJavadocCheck. NonEmptyAtclauseDescriptionCheck. Update ...
License:   MITL
Keywords:   java, coding-style, syntax-checker, command-line

YB.ORM   v0.4.6           24 Oct 02:05, 2014

YB.ORM is a object-relational mapper for C++. It was inspired by Hibernate and SQLAlchemy and should be database-independent. It provides C++ code generation for domain objects, which can be synchronized ...

Changes: minor feature: New optional inline syntax for describing the mapping scheme within a class declaration, based on macros. Porting tut2 and tut4 examples to the new declaration syntax instead of ...
License:   MITL
Keywords:   c++, orm, database, dao, code-generator, odbc

Genyris Scripting Language   v0.9.1-2           23 Oct 23:45, 2014

Genyris is a scripting language runtime for Java. It's inspired by the semantic web and provides a unique programming paradigm. Objects may inherit multiple classes even after instantiation, code blocks ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Ignore Sound errors for X over ssh. Allow GenyrisException constructor direct from Exception.
License:   GNU LGPL
Keywords:   java, programming-language, scripting, semantic-web

MirBSD Korn Shell   vR50d           23 Oct 21:02, 2014

The MirBSD Korn Shell (mksh) is an actively developed successor of pdksh (the Public Domain Korn Shell), aimed at producing a shell good for interactive use, but with the primary focus on scripting. It ...

Changes: major bugfix: Fix NULL pointer dereference on unset x; nameref x . Fix severe regression in field splitting. Add a warning about not using tainted user input (including from the environ(7)ment) ...
License:   MirOS
Keywords:   shell, korn-shell, ksh

jupp   v28           23 Oct 21:01, 2014

jupp is a text editor. It is highly configurable and comes, besides the standard WordStar-compatible key bindings known from the DR DOS Editor, Turbo C, and Borland C++, with the configurations known from ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Mention in comments that when enabling the -backpath option, its argument must not be quoted, nor followed by a comment. Some mostly harmless code cleanup; fix speeds array access/sizing. ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   editor, c, ncurses

Network Tracking Database   v1.13           23 Oct 18:45, 2014

NetDB can inventarize and historize MAC address allocation on network switches and ARP tables on routers. It stores those using MySQL. It supports extensive switch, VLAN and vendor code reports, or tracks static ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Numerous Scraper Updates and Fixes. Comware/H3C Support. Force10 Support. Fortigate Firewall Support. Major changes to Last IP behavior to tie switchport entries to ARP entries. for ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   perl, network, monitoring, inventory, report, mac, arp, routing-tables

ZK Spreadsheet   v3.6.0           23 Oct 16:35, 2014

ZK Spreadsheet is an embeddable DHTML/AJAX spreadsheet, which provides rich editing and functional features like Excel within the browser environment. It's part of the ZK Framework and designed for integration with ...

Changes: major feature: Version 3.6 focuses on enhancing formula evaluation, support for rich text editing and PDF exporter enhancement including various formats and printing parameters. Support Rich Text ...
License:   Affero GPLv3
Keywords:   java, javascript, excel, spreadsheet, web-based, zk-framework

OpenXava   v5.1           23 Oct 14:05, 2014

OpenXava is a Java Framework for rapid web application development and easy AJAX utilization. Business logic and associating data structures are sufficient for generating interactive frontends. It's compatible ...

Changes: major feature: Editable collections (@ElementCollection) improvements. Editor to attach several files to one entity. Java 8 support. @DefaultValueCalculator is executed each time that the properties ...
License:   GNU LGPL
Keywords:   java, development, rad, ajax

Netdisco   v1.6           23 Oct 10:25, 2014

Netdisco is a web-based network managment tool based on SNMP L2/L3. It's suitable for mid-size to large networks, discovers and polls routers and switches for IP to MAC address mapping and port and VLAN ...

Changes: minor feature: The workable set of MIBs have been painstakingly fixed up to parse correctly under net-snmp 5.4. All duplicates have been removed favoring always the newest version. Typos and logical errors ...
License:   BSDL
Keywords:   perl, web-based, snmp, network-management, administrator

Wt   v3.3.4-rc1           23 Oct 06:45, 2014

Wt (pronounced "wit-ty") is a C++ web development library providing widget-centric interfaces. It abstracts HTTP/AJAX client-server communication into standard/stateful application design patterns, takes ...

Changes: minor bugfix: This release has a focus on bug fixes but also one or two new features. Support for dedicated session processes with wthttp connector. Several new features in the 3D charts library. WIdentityProxyModel ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, java, javascript, framework, www, dynamic-html, widgets, layout-manager, web-framework, developers, user-interfaces, ajax

Bootstrap Listr   v2.0.0-alpha3           23 Oct 03:17, 2014

Bootstrap Listr is a simple PHP script to display folders and files on a server. It utilizes the Bootstrap 3 CSS framework to visualize contents in a well formed list. It provides configurable columns ...

Changes: minor feature: modified page title. Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/idleberg/Bootstrap-Listr. Update README.md. Update files. Update files. Update files. Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/idleberg/Bootstrap-Listr. update ...
License:   MITL
Keywords:   php, apache, file-browser, bootstrap, font-awesome, indexing-search

Lab Assistant   v0.5b19           23 Oct 02:55, 2014

Lab Assistant is a chemistry experiment and tutoring application for Windows. It provides an interactive element and compound library and allows to synthesize them into known substances given the correct ...

Changes: minor bugfix: More tweaks and tiny modifications to graphics.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   visual-basic, win32, chemistry, science, education

Web-based firewall log analyzer   v1.00           22 Oct 22:48, 2014

Webfwlog is a Web-based firewall log reporting and analysis tool. It allows users to design reports to use on logged firewall data in whatever configuration they desire. Included are sample reports as ...

Changes: major feature: This is a major feature update as well as a maintenance release. It has full IPv6 support for netfilter, ipfilter, and database logs, and supports additional log file formats including ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   php, c, log, analysis, firewall, monitoring, security, network

uselessd   v5           22 Oct 21:32, 2014

uselessd is a systemd-208 fork optimized for less resource usage, a leaner DBUS ABI, fewer dependencies and BSD/Linux cross-platform compatibility. It reduces featuritis by constraining unit types and ...

Changes: major feature: Preliminary experimental support for running a system-wide instance of uselessd without being PID1 (init) has been introduced. See http://uselessd.darknedgy.net/PidNone for details. Don't ...
License:   GNU LGPL
Keywords:   c, init, init-system, systemd, process-manager, dbus, boot, pid0, linux, bsd, administrator

BitWrk   v0.4.1           22 Oct 19:23, 2014

BitWrk is creating a marketplace where participants can buy or sell computing power like stocks in a stock exchange, using Bitcoin as currency. The client software can be integrated with existing, compute-intensive ...

Changes: minor feature: This release concentrates on Blender and adds an optimal tiling strategy, usability enhancements and support for Blender 2.72(a).
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   3d-rendering, distributed-computing, go, python, cross-plattform, developers, end-users

dispy   v3.17           22 Oct 16:45, 2014

dispy is a Python framework for parallel computation. It distributes tasks across multiple processors in a single machine (SMP), other machine nodes in a cluster, grid or cloud. It's suitable for large ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Updated asyncoro to latest version (2.9), dispy files to local working version.
License:   MITL
Keywords:   python, simd, cluster, mapreduce, parallel-programming, developers, job-scheduling

FlightGear   v3.2.0           22 Oct 13:15, 2014

FlightGear is an open-source flight simulator. It supports a variety of popular platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and is developed by skilled volunteers from around the world. Source code for the entire ...

Changes: major feature: Major improvements in Aircraft Modeling, Graphics, Usability, Canvas System, Nasal Scripting, Documentation, Aircraft, etc; bugfixes.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   game, simulation, physics, flight, aircraft, atmospheric-science

Nightingale   v1.12.1           22 Oct 12:45, 2014

Nightingale is a cross-platform and extensible media player. It's derived from the Songbird media player (to continue Linux support) with its GUI based on Mozilla XULRunner and GStreamer used for audio ...

Changes: cleanup: Fix crash on Ubuntu 13.04 Issue #184 Improved localization in every locales Splash screen updated songbird protocol is replaced by ngale Issue #121 Remove newsletter from firstrun dialog Play ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, c++, javascript, xul, audio, media-player, mp3, vorbis, songbird, desktop

iStoa   v14.10           22 Oct 10:49, 2014

This is iStoa, a set of interactive activities to play with mathematics. Its target audience are primary school students. It contents is currently targeting grade 1.

Changes: major feature: 5 new learning activities to compare numbers
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   education, smalltalk, mathematics

Robust 6DoF Pose Estimation from 3D-2D Corr...   v1.0           22 Oct 09:01, 2014

Posest is a C/C++ GPL library for 3D pose estimation from point correspondences. Pose estimation refers to the computation of position and orientation estimates that fully define the posture of a rigid ...

Changes: major feature: Initial public release.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   artificial-intelligence, mathematics, c, c++, console, cross-plattform

Nightingale   v1.13a-2456           22 Oct 07:05, 2014

Nightingale is a cross-platform and extensible media player. It's derived from the Songbird media player (to continue Linux support) with its GUI based on Mozilla XULRunner and GStreamer used for audio ...

Changes: cleanup: Fix trollface in README. Fix UTF-8 problems with MPRIS. Let's actually log floating point numbers as floating point numbers. Fix for DBus module crashing when logging it. Purple Rain feather: ...
License:   MPL-1
Keywords:   c, c++, javascript, xul, audio, media-player, mp3, vorbis, songbird, desktop

Claws Mail   v3.11.0           22 Oct 03:18, 2014

Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast email client derived from Sylpheed. It can manage multiple mail accounts, displays messages in threads, categorized by filtering and colored, ...

Changes: minor feature: SSLv3 server connections are now disabled by default, in response to the POODLE vulnerability, see https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-3566. Several PGP/Core ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   email, mail-client, desktop

FreeOrion   v0.4.4           22 Oct 03:10, 2014

FreeOrion is a turn-based galaxy conquest and empire building game. It follows the 4X genre (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate), inspired by Master of Orion and Europa Universalis 2, but with an ...

Changes: major feature: Interface and turn processing time improvements. Extensive AI updates. Combat mechanics reworked. Balance changes including supply mechanics, damage control, ship hulls. New "core" ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, game, 4x, turn-based, galaxy, conquest

LibreCAD   v2.0.6           21 Oct 23:45, 2014

LibreCAD is a cross-platform 2D Computer-Aided-Drawing application derived from QCad, and extends it with CAM functionality. It supports DXF, LFF, CXF, and JWW files, can export to common bitmap graphics formats ...

Changes: minor feature: List plugin: show radius of polyline instead of bulge value. Added language support for Galician and Tamil. Larger grid points on high DPI, experimental. Many bugfixes.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, qt, cad, cam

WinPython   v3.4.2.1           21 Oct 19:39, 2014

Winpython is a portable Python Distribution for the Windows-platform, allowing you to run your code using Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Numba, Cython and many other great software of the scientific ...

Changes: minor feature: New packages MinGW32 4.8.1, PyYAML 3.11, XlsxWriter 0.5.9, beautifulsoup4 4.3.2, decorator 3.4.0, husl 4.0.0, llvmpy 0.12.7, lmfit 0.8.0, lxml 3.4.0, nltk 3.0.0, numba 0.15.1, prettytable ...
License:   MITL
Keywords:   python, win32, win64, distribution, science, portable

Seagull Soup   v1.07           21 Oct 17:25, 2014

Seagull Soup is a simple shooter game with joystick support. It utilizes SDL and works on Linux, Windows, BSD, Mac OS X. According to the source code there are seagulls, cannons and a whale involved.

Changes: minor bugfix: ./.
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   c, sdl, game, shooter, joystick, side-scrolling, arcade

uriparser   v0.8.1           21 Oct 13:45, 2014

Uriparser is a RFC-conformant URI/IRI parsing library. It's cross-platform, written in C and thus speedy, and provides full Unicode support, reference resolution and creation, recomposition, and syntax-based ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Fixed sync URI_VER_* preprocessor defines (were at 0.7.6, bug #23) Fixed bug in internal function that may flip uriEqualsUri results around. Added the function uriAddBaseUriEx allowing ...
License:   BSDL
Keywords:   c, format, uri, iri

atem   v0.3.5           21 Oct 10:17, 2014

Atem is a fast command line tool that converts MetaStock financial binary data to CSV.

Changes: minor feature: This release will not abort if Master or Fx.dat files are larger then needed. The symbol column was not printed if a symbol was empty. The last separator is not printed if no data ...
License:   BSDL
Keywords:   c, csv, finance, text, processing, metastock, commandline, ms2asc, ms2txt

TunesViewer   v1.5.2           21 Oct 06:45, 2014

TunesViewer is a simple browser for iTunes-University podcasts and media for Linux and Android. It also allws searching and downloading videos or lectures, makes the RSS podcast direct feed available, ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Switch to HTML5 for better compatibility. Javascript fix for preview popout showing in Totem player.
License:   Apache
Keywords:   browser

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