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Embedthis MakeMe   v0.8.4           27 Nov 00:57, 2014

Embedthis MakeMe is a modern replacement for make and autoconf. It manages the building of programs and products by direct compilation and the generation of IDE projects and Makefiles. MakeMe can portably ...

Changes: minor feature: Minor release adding a Pak-based plugin architecture. Modules can be created and published as Paks and then be easily installed to extend MakeMe. Also enhanced the file target wildcards ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   makeme, gyp, bit, make, autoconf, makefile, cake

Embedthis GoAhead   v3.4.1           27 Nov 00:26, 2014

The Embedthis GoAhead___ web server is one of the world___s most popular embedded web server deployed for over 15 years in hundreds of millions of devices by industry leaders and startups. It is compact ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Security patch release to address the POODLE SSL vulnerability.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   http, web, server, embedded, c, goahead, embedthis

Hashrat   v1.2           26 Nov 22:02, 2014

Hashrat is a command-line utility that hashes things using md5, sha1/256/512, whirlpool and jh hash algorithms. It's written in C with few dependancies (basically just the standard C library). It can read ...

Changes: major feature: Added support for color output, xattr support, memcached storage of hashes, 'match mode' that finds files matching a list of hashes.
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   hashing, md5, sha1, whirlpool, security, monitoring, c, console, posix, unix, linux

Tomb, the Crypto Undertaker   v2.0           26 Nov 21:34, 2014

Tomb is a system to make strong encryption easy for everyday use. A tomb is like a locked folder that can be safely transported and hidden in a filesystem. Its keys can be kept separate; for example, you ...

Changes: major feature: Tomb goes international: now translated to Russian, French, Spanish and German. The usability has improved: steganographed images can now be used directly as keys using `-k`. Tomb ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   dyne-org, security, cryptography, archiving, shell, terminal, console, linux

bEngine   v0.5.0           26 Nov 21:05, 2014

bEngine is a game engine for browser-based and 3D/OpenGL graphics rendering. It provides for space ships, buildings and terrains, transportation and resource aquisition features, but can be extended with ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Feature: New responsive design for login page. Bugfix: Moon cannot be destroyed if grater than 10,000 km, Language importer causing errors. Code: Switching from Sass to Less, Removed ...
License:   GNU LGPL
Keywords:   c, c, x11, realtime-strategy, fps, simulation, 3d, game

TradeTrax - Financial Trading Tool   v1.0           26 Nov 17:13, 2014

TradeTrax is a general purpose trading tool for keeping track of marketable goods. While it builds heavily on stock market terminology for abstraction purposes, it is actually meant to be used for managing ...

Changes: minor feature: Initial release.
License:   Apache
Keywords:   accounting, investment

OpenDKIM   v2.10.0.Beta0           26 Nov 14:05, 2014

OpenDKIM is an open source implementation of the DKIM (RFC6376) email sender authentication system, derived from dkim-milter. It also supports ADSP/RFC5617, Vouch by reference/RFC5518, and experimentally ...

Changes: minor feature: Make "rrvs" and "smime" recognized Authentication-Results methods. Truncate configuration file lines at carriage return. Replace overlapping strlcpy() with memmove() in dkim_get_key_file(). LIBOPENDKIM: ...
License:   BSDL
Keywords:   perl, c, lua, dkim, anti-spam, sendmail, mta, milter, email, administrators

SkullRush   v0.4.0           26 Nov 09:45, 2014

SkullRush is a online multiplayer shooter in a 2D platform world. The client can be largely customized, new maps added, as the game server manages most graphics, sound and interactions.

Changes: major feature: Dynamic events like gravity modifiers, meteor strikes, etc. Jump pads, moving platforms, lasers, teleportors. Minimap. Flag indicator arrow. Smoother user interface. Spectator mode. Added ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   haxe, win32, game, online-playing, shooter, adaptable

Embedthis Appweb   v4.6.0           26 Nov 05:56, 2014

Embedthis Appweb is a fast, little embedded Web server. It is unmatched in efficiency and serves pages at native speed, using an event-driven, non-blocking core to serve multiple requests using minimal ...

Changes: major feature: This is a major release, switching to use MakeMe for building and Pak for extensions. The package.json format has been enhanced to support the ESP C Web framework.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   http, web, server, embedded, c, appweb, embedthis

MariaDB   v10.0.15           26 Nov 03:18, 2014

MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality for MySQL. It is built by some of the original authors of MySQL, with assistance from the broader community. In addition to the ...

Changes: minor feature: This release fixes a serious bug in InnoDB and XtraDB that sometimes could cause a hard lock up of the server (MDEV-7026). This is the first release that includes Mroonga full-text ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   database, database-server, database-engine, mysql, mariadb

QEMU   v2.2.0-rc3           26 Nov 03:17, 2014

QEMU is a generic machine emulator and virtualizer. It can emulate other CPU and host architectures, or run native binaries with native performances by executing the guest code directly on the host CPU ...

Changes: minor feature: Three options are using different names on the command line and in configuration file. In particular:, The "acpi" configuration file section matches command-line option "acpitable"; ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, emulator, virtualization, qemu, system-emulation, hardware-simulation

I2Pd   v0.4.0           26 Nov 03:16, 2014

I2Pd is a lightweight C++ implementation of a I2P privacy network layer router. It provides pseudonymity for all routed application protocols, can be used for web browsing, IRC connections, and file transfers.

Changes: minor feature: ECDSA_SHA384_P384 and ECDSA_SHA512_P521 signature types Support routers with EcDSA signatures, that might appear in netdb starting 0.9.17
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, i2p, privacy, security, network-protocol, routing

Texmaker   v4.4           26 Nov 03:15, 2014

Texmaker is a free, modern and cross-platform LaTeX editor for Linux, MacOS X and Windows systems that integrates many tools needed to develop documents with LaTeX. It includes unicode support, spell checking, ...

Changes: minor feature: a new wizard for a standard XeLaTeX document has been added- a script ("User" menu to execute it) to apply a hard word wrap at 80 columns to the selected text has been added (will ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   tex, latex, desktop-publishing, pdf, cross-platform, end-users, qt4, qt5

RPGboss   v0.4.8           26 Nov 03:15, 2014

RPGboss is a 2D role-playing game engine and application designer. It requires little programming logic, comes with a map editor and tiles. It allows custom screen sizes, side battles, defining map events ...

Changes: minor feature: Add and Remove Gold Fix Run JS event cmd dialog. Make it possible to move past events while touching them. #138
License:   Affero GPLv3
Keywords:   java, scala, javascript, game, game-engine, rpg, side-scrolling, code-generator, framework, cross-platform, developers

Alien (package converter)   v8.93           25 Nov 23:05, 2014

Alien is a Linux software package conversion tool. It transforms between Debian (.deb), Red Had (.rpm), Solaris (.pkg) and Slackware (.tgz/txz) archives. After transforming meta data and contained installation ...

Changes: documentation: New maintainer, both in Debian and upstream.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   perl, package, installation, conversion, deb, dpkg, rpm, slackware, lsb

digiKam   v4.5.0           25 Nov 16:05, 2014

digiKam is a KDE photo collection manager. It provides streamlined importing and organizing/classifying them into albums or chronologies. Besides allowing custom directory schemes for storage, it also ...

Changes: minor bugfix: This release includes bugs fixes and switch as optional some dependencies as libkipi, libkface, libkgeomap dedicated respectively to support Kipi plugins, Face management, and Geo-location ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, qt, image, photo, galleries, management, kde, digital-camera

PanConvert   v0.1.2           25 Nov 11:25, 2014

PanConvert is a multi-platform GUI for instrumenting Pandoc to convert between various text, file and markup formats. It allows selecting files, or ad-hoc conversion of entered/pasted markup. Pandoc needs ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Fixed message after filewrite to filesystem (e.g. odt-Export). Changes to multiple arguments.
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   python, qt5, pandoc, text-conversion, markup, format

ZFS Manager   v1.0           25 Nov 07:05, 2014

ZFS Manager is a terminal-menu based management tool for ZFS filesystems on Linux. It's implemented in Python, allows creating and modifying ZPOOLs, Datasets and Snapshots. It can also create or remove ...

Changes: initial: Initial public release.
License:   Other
Keywords:   python, zfs, management, system-administration, terminal

LightTable   v0.7.2           25 Nov 03:15, 2014

LightTable is a programmers environment and IDE that features live code execution, instrospective debugging, and instant feedback for modifications. The supported languages are Clojure, JavaScript and ...

Changes: minor feature: FIX: Behavior ordering issue that caused plugin weirdness and menus disappearing FIX: allow single arity logs FIX: changelog additions
License:   MITL
Keywords:   nodejs, ide, clojure, javascript, python, debugging, introspection

Docker   v1.3.2           25 Nov 03:15, 2014

Docker is an open platform for distributing software application in containers. It utilizes operating system-level virtualization for process and full resource isolation through cgroups, capabilities, ...

Changes: security: Security: Fix tar breakout vulnerability Extractions are now sandboxed chroot Security options are no longer committed to images Runtime: Fix deadlock in `docker ps -f exited=1` Fix a ...
License:   Apache
Keywords:   virtualization, application-containers, security, distributed-computing, systems-administration

gcaff   v0.3           25 Nov 02:05, 2014

gcaff is a graphical OpenPGP/GPG key signing tool. It simplifies signing multiple keys, as it was intended for keysigning parties. It displays photo IDs for easier identification, and allows multi-key ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Support ECC keys and signing (introduced in GnuPG 2.1). Fix incorrect fingerprint being displayed for signing keys. Fix numerous hangs on errors or unrecognised messages when communicating ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   python, gtk, key, gpg, signing, cryptography

Yacas   v1.3.5           24 Nov 22:17, 2014

YACAS is an easy to use, general purpose computer algebra system. It uses its own programming language designed for symbolic as well as arbitrary-precision numerical computations. The system comes with ...

Changes: minor feature: Quite a few improvements and assorted bugfixes.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   cpp, java, console, terminal, interpreters, mathematics

4Pane   v3.0           24 Nov 20:56, 2014

4Pane is a highly configurable file manager for Linux and GNU-Hurd. It has dual twin-panes, each of which has a directory tree-view pane and a detailed-list pane for files. Advanced features include multiple ...

Changes: major feature: 4Pane now optionally shows previews of image or text files. When deciding which application to use to open a file, the system's mimetype database is consulted. 4Pane now builds and ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   file-manager, desktop, end-users, hurd, linux

AppFS   v1.2           24 Nov 17:21, 2014

AppFS is a FUSE-based filesystem that presents a filesystem view of remote packages presented via HTTP for the purpose of running software without the hassle of installing it. Instead, as files are requested ...

Changes: minor feature: Updated to support more mount options and fix minor bugs.
License:   MITL
Keywords:   packaging, filesystem, c, tcl, daemon, linux, system-administrators

XDecorations   v0.1.5           24 Nov 15:45, 2014

XDecorations provides a few eye candy gimmicks for X11 desktops (similar to xsnow or xpenguins). It includes Halloween and Xmas holiday themes; lights, trees, snowmen, pumpkins, witches, flying sleighs, ...

Changes: minor feature: Can now change figure/tree/lamps variables from watched configfile. Can now change falling/flying variables from watched configfile. falling objects speed etc re randomized after ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, gtk, x11, desktop, eye-candy, animations, widgets

termsql   v           24 Nov 11:35, 2014

termsql converts text from stdin or any file into an SQLite database table and allows users to execute SQL queries on that table, all in just one line on the command line. It can be used to sort, display, ...

Changes: major feature: Initial release.
License:   MITL
Keywords:   python, command, line, sql, query, terminal, unix-shell

crosti   v1.13.0           24 Nov 07:25, 2014

Crosti helps in creating custom cross-stitching schemes from image files / photographs. It supports all common raster and vector images, permits various colorizations and adaptions, resizing and rotating ...

Changes: minor feature: Increase design edit performace when minimap is off. MiniMap processing speed increased significantly for large size Designs. Added PayPal donation option.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, qt, printing, image, conversion, handwork, needlework

Pidgin   v2.10.11           24 Nov 03:17, 2014

Pidgin is a widely-used and featureful instant messenger and chat client. It supports AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, Groupwise, ICQ, IRC, MSN, MXit, GroupWise, SILC, SIMPLE, Sametime, XMPP (Jabber), ...

Changes: minor feature: General Fix handling of Self-Signed SSL/TLS Certificates when using the NSS plugin , Improve default cipher suites used with the NSS plugin , Add NSS Preferences plugin which allows ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, gtk, chat, instant-messenger, icq, xmpp, cross-platform

LimeSurvey   v2.05+           24 Nov 03:16, 2014

LimeSurvey is a web application that interacts with MySQL, MSSQL, or Postgres to develop surveys, publish surveys, and collect responses to surveys. Once a survey has been created, data can be inserted ...

Changes: minor feature: Fixed issue #8589: PHP object injection in surveys (Carsten Schmitz) Fixed issue #9282: Deactivating survey with tokens fails with postgres - patch provided by random1 (Carsten Schmitz) Fixed ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   survey, php, mysql, mssql, postgres

TeXstudio   v2.8.8           24 Nov 03:16, 2014

TeXstudio is an IDE that simplifies creating and editing LaTeX documents. It has numerous features like syntax highlighting, an integrated document and PDF viewer, reference checking and link overlays, ...

Changes: minor feature: basic Asymptote highlighting improved parsing of command options notify that syncing between PDF and .tex won't work anymore after "File Save As..." fix: crash in column handling ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, qt5, latex, tex, word-processor, text-editor, wordsetting

ExpressJS   v4.10.3           24 Nov 03:16, 2014

Express is a fast and minimalistic web framework for NodeJS. It provides robust routing, HTTP utility code (redirection, caching, etc), view and templating system (over 14 engines) support, HTTP content ...

Changes: minor feature: Fix `res.sendFile` logging standard write errors deps: etag@ 1.5.1 deps: proxy-addr@ 1.0.4 deps: ipaddr.js@0.1.5 deps: qs@2.3.3 Fix `arrayLimit` behavior
License:   MITL
Keywords:   javascript, web-framework, nodejs, templating, web-apps, developers

Slpkg   v2.0.7           24 Nov 03:15, 2014

Slpkg is a user-friendly package manager for Slackware installations. It handles installation, updating, removing, building and monitoring packages and dependencies. It handles Slackbuilds and Slackware.com ...

Changes: minor feature: Add more option in slpkg.conf file. Add slackware-mirrors file in /etc/slpkg, - Fix upgrade Slackware packages if installed.
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   python, package-manager, slackware, installation, packaging

Pixelitor   v2.2.0           24 Nov 03:15, 2014

Pixelitor is a Java/cross-platform image editor. It provides image filters, drawing tools, layered editing, bleding modes, multiple undo steps, etc. Its main attraction are the more than 80 unique image ...

Changes: minor feature: Pixelitor can now open and save files in the OpenRaster format - layered images can be transferred to/from other editors such as Gimp, Krita, Paint.net, etc.Animated GIF export (the ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   java, image, image-editor, graphic-filter, raster-graphics

peewee   v2.4.3           24 Nov 03:15, 2014

Peewee is a minimalistic but expressive ORM library for Python. It comes in a single module and file, but supports SQLite, Mysql and Postgres, and comes with extensive documentation. It simplifies model ...

Changes: minor feature: #466, table names are case sensitive in the SQLite migrations module. #465, added option to disable backref validation. #462, use the schema name consistently with postgres reflection. . New ...
License:   MITL
Keywords:   python, orm, flask, developers, python-module

Burd's Proxy Searcher   v4.1           24 Nov 02:05, 2014

Burd's Proxy Searcher is a Windows GUI to easily uncover public and free-to-use or anonymizing proxy servers. It's based on a customizable and filterable search engine, and automatically probes result ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Fixed defect related to country detection, in case of big concurrency country was detected wrong. InternetExplorer proxy client throws NullReferenceException. Tracking code was added ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   c, xaml, win32, proxy, search-engine, socks

Thinstation   v5.3           23 Nov 21:45, 2014

Thinstation is a small Linux distribution for basix x86 hardware that provides thin client setups, suitable for school setups. It provides connectivity for RDP and VNC connections, works as Citrix/ICA ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Modified XFWM4 and console dialog functions. Fix for splash screen exit. New Xerces build. Updated LiveCD build script. Enable x86-emu for v86d and 64bit.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   distro, client, x11, vnc, rdp, thin-client, pxe, live-cd, education

bizhawk   v1.9.0           23 Nov 17:05, 2014

BizHawk is a an emulator for multiple game system home computers. It's written in C#, provides full-screen viewing, joypad and joystick support, as well as development and debugging features for all emulated ...

Changes: minor feature: New core: LynxHawk. The Handy emulator, ported from mednafen. N64Hawk: Savestate speed improvements. Fix Issue #292 - Bizhawk still emulating N64 after "Exit" hotkey had been pressed. GBAHawk: All ...
License:   MITL
Keywords:   c, gaming, emulator, nintendo, sega, atari

HandBrake   v0.10.0           23 Nov 12:25, 2014

HandBrake is a video file conversion tool. It supports nearly all formats, can transcode media files and codecs for various platforms, players and devices (includes a user-friendly target list to select ...

Changes: minor feature: New support for Intel QuickSync Video hardware based H.264 encoder. H265 support via x265 1.4. VP8 using the libvpx encoder, but Theora (VP3) got deprecated. LibFaac has been removed ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   c, c, objective-c, video, conversion, cross-platform

Oneshot   v0.42           23 Nov 07:45, 2014

Oneshot is a very simple picture editor. It provides few features, but line drawing, adding arrows or circles, boxes and callouts to photograps. It's intended for unversed users; supports copying+pasting, ...

Changes: minor feature: Added several fixes to new backgroundInfo classes. Should be able to do basic functions like paste, screenshot, load file, crop.
License:   MITL
Keywords:   python, wxwidgets, graphics, image-editor, end-user

RPGboss   v0.4.7           23 Nov 03:15, 2014

RPGboss is a 2D role-playing game engine and application designer. It requires little programming logic, comes with a map editor and tiles. It allows custom screen sizes, side battles, defining map events ...

Changes: minor feature: Added option to trigger Events by Autorun. These events start their script a maximum of once per two seconds to prevent slowdown. Goes without saying, but this release is pretty ...
License:   Affero GPLv3
Keywords:   java, scala, javascript, game, game-engine, rpg, side-scrolling, code-generator, framework, cross-platform, developers

SoundStepper   v5.1.3.276           23 Nov 02:45, 2014

SoundSteper is a software-only control tool for step motors used with telescopes. It works in real-time, operates over a sound card, and requires an analog sound amplifier, works with up to 4 moters in ...

Changes: minor feature: The major new feature is the GEM positioning concept. For GEM, the max distance from meridian is now fixed at 180 degrees. The new concept of park position for GEM: Now, the HA park ...
License:   Public Domain
Keywords:   pascal, delphi, win32, astronomy, sound-output, motor-control

YAWIK   v0.16.2           22 Nov 22:06, 2014

YAWIK offers a Web based solution for managing job applications. Jobs ads can be entered or pushed to the system. The sytem assigns application forms to job ads. Applicants and Recruiters can connect to ...

Changes: minor feature: Jobs can be created. TinyMCE acts as an inline editor for requirements, qualifications and benefits. You can create hirring organizations. Adds server side validation to file uploads. ...
License:   MITL
Keywords:   hr, jobs, applicants, php5, zf2

BeeBEEP   v0.9.5           22 Nov 18:05, 2014

BeeBEEP is a secure networking chat. It allows simple chat-style instant messaging, group chats, friend lists, and exchanging files. It works in any intranet environment, or through public networks.

Changes: minor feature: Load minimized at startup option. A new window to see application log. Save chat messages on exit option. BeeTetris plugin added, just for fun. Disable notification in tray option. Improved ...
License:   QPL
Keywords:   c++, qt, chat, encryption

FLTracker   v2014.11.21           22 Nov 13:25, 2014

FLTracker is MIDI sequencer for Linux with a FLTK GUI. It runs on ALSA, lists track numbers, output device and MIDI channel, notes, volume, effects and parameters; understands GM patches, drum sounds, ...

Changes: minor bugfix: ./.
License:   BSDL
Keywords:   c++, fltk, tracker, midi, sequencer

NetMauMau   v0.2           22 Nov 12:30, 2014

A server for the popular card game Mau Mau. There is also a proof of concept Qt client available: https://github.com/velnias75/NetMauMau-Qt-Client

Changes: major feature: Initial release
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   c++, non-interactive, daemon, card-games, console-games, gameframeworks

VIPS   v7.42.0           22 Nov 08:05, 2014

VIPS is a small, quick and memory-conservative 2D image processing C and C++ library. It comes with over 300 functions, for arithmetic processing, histograms, convolutions, morphological operations, frequency ...

Changes: minor feature: Better default resolution for PNG loading. Better PBM (one bit) load, better PFM (float) import/export. Fixed bug with vips_gaussblur() parameters.
License:   GNU LGPL
Keywords:   c, c++, images, image-processing, arithmetic, histogram, morphing, filtering

Linux kernel   v3.17.4           22 Nov 03:18, 2014

Linux is a mostly POSIX-compliant Unix-inspired operating system kernel, originally implemented by Linus Torvalds and now maintained as an international project. It's the base and common namegiver to a ...

Changes: minor feature: Linux 3.17.4, iwlwifi: fix RFkill while calibrating, KEYS: Reinstate EPERM for a key type name beginning with a '.', asus-nb-wmi: Add wapf4 quirk for the X550VB, net: sctp: fix skb_over_panic ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   linux, kernel

VirtualBox   v4.3.20           22 Nov 03:16, 2014

VirtualBox is a full x86 hardware virtualizer, suitable for server, desktop and embedded usage. It's extremely feature-rich, emulates lots of individual and alternative hardware and devices, supports different ...

Changes: minor feature: VMM: fixed reboot hang of 32-bit Windows SMP guests (bug #13319, #13462) VMM: proper Math Fault handling with certain legacy guests (bug #9042, AMD hosts) VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, c++, virtual-machine, operating-system, virtualization, emulation

FrostWire   v6.0.2-build-1           22 Nov 03:15, 2014

FrostWire is a media manager and fast BitTorrent file sharing client. Its focus lies on searching files and a friendly user interface, automatically scans all Torrent indexers, prefetches torrent files ...

Changes: minor feature: Maximum concurrent torrent download settings defaults raised to 10. KAT search fix. Prevents possible out of memory error. Croatian translation update. Minor refactors -- FrostWire ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   java, bittorrent, media-player, library, searching, indexing

DuckDuckGo community platform   v0.999           22 Nov 03:15, 2014

The community platform duck.co is DuckDuckGos developer hub. Its reference implementation is written in Perl and required PostgreSQL. It includes the forum, blogs, comments, an idea collection, translation ...

Changes: minor feature: Fix crash when non-existant IA idea requested IA Pages feature leaves alpha! ( @MariagraziaAlastra @jdorweiler @russellholt )
License:   Apache
Keywords:   perl, web, community-management, developers

nuBASIC   v1.23           22 Nov 03:15, 2014

nuBASIC is a BASIC interpreter designed for educational purposes. It's implemented in C++11 and buildable on Linux or Windows. It allows programming simple games, educational or small business programs, ...

Changes: minor feature: calc.bas: Resize and clean calc window, Add some comment to the code and change README, Fix a bug on sub/function definition, Fix quoted-string bug when renumering code lines, Fix ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, basic, interpreter, programming-language

Otto Jukebox   v2014.11.19.1           21 Nov 22:47, 2014

A music jukebox app that disguises itself as an iTunes replacement without all the extra baggage, but is actually a web-first, fully streaming, anti-cloud, social music server that allows multiple people ...

Changes: minor feature:
License:   MITL
Keywords:   music, streaming, jukebox, decentralized, osx, linux, node, coffeescript, web

mlock   v0.2           21 Nov 21:24, 2014

mlock reads and writes encryped miniLock files. It is a fast native implementation of the minilock file format. Despite its name (and in contrast to the original implementation), it can also handle big ...

Changes: minor feature: Progress info output was added. Passphrases may be entered using pinentry.
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   cryptography, c, console, linux

LightTable   v0.7.0           21 Nov 20:05, 2014

LightTable is a programmers environment and IDE that features live code execution, instrospective debugging, and instant feedback for modifications. The supported languages are Clojure, JavaScript and ...

Changes: major feature: Move to the MIT License Enter doesn't select a completion by default anymore, just tab. Add :editor.keys.hinting.active "-enter" :passthrough to your keymap get it back. parens are ...
License:   MITL
Keywords:   nodejs, ide, clojure, javascript, python, debugging, introspection

The Daily Journal   v3-0.3           21 Nov 16:39, 2014

The Daily Journal is a PIM program that is written using Qt. It manages daily notes, appointments, holidays, contact and to-do lists, and issues alerts before scheduled appointments.

Changes: cleanup: The source that was released used a temporary, data subdirectory for testing instead of the actual data subdirectory. This is corrected.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   linux, ms-windows, pim, pim, desktop, office, business, qt, daily, notes, appointments, journal, lists, anniversaries, diary

Phar GUI   v           21 Nov 15:25, 2014

Phar-GUI is a wxPHP-based graphical frontend for Phar packages; PHPs universal ZIP/TAR files. It can inspect archives, create or extract them, add or remove files, browse the contained code. It also works ...

Changes: cleanup: Initial release.
License:   MITL
Keywords:   php, wxphp, phar, archiver, binary-editor

HHVM   v3.4.0           21 Nov 12:05, 2014

The HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) is an alternative PHP runtime implementation. It executes scripts JIT-compiled for higher performance, but retains most dynamic features, weak typing, and scripting language ...

Changes: major feature: Added support for Closure::bind(). Add runtime and typechecker support for null-safe method call operator "?- ". Add benchy.py for benchmarking HHVM. More HNI conversions. Improvements ...
License:   PHPL
Keywords:   c++, php, hhvm, programming-language, dynamic-content, developers, linux

WordPress   v4.0.1           21 Nov 08:45, 2014

WordPress is a widely used and highly extensible blogging plattform and web content management system. It provides customizeable themes, and over 30000 community-contributed plugins, is easy to configure ...

Changes: security: WordPress versions 3.9.2 and earlier are affected by a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could enable anonymous users to compromise a site. Version 4.0.0 was unaffected, ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   php, mysql, wordpress, blog, webcms, blogging, www, end-users

Calibre   v2.11           21 Nov 05:35, 2014

Calibre is an e-book library management application, viewer and editor. It's also commonly used for e-book file format conversion and syncing to reader devices. Calibre also simplifies downloading news ...

Changes: minor feature: Release: 2.11 21 Nov, 2014 New Features: Edit Book: Add a new 'function mode' for the Search and Replace tool The function mode allows you to create python functions that run on ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   python, c++, ebook-reader, e-book, conversion

libpng (Portable Network Graphics)   v1.6.15           21 Nov 03:15, 2014

libpng is the PNG image format reference implementation. Portable Network Graphics are the most widely used raster image format, patent-free, based on lossless data compression, support indexed/paletted, ...

Changes: minor feature: Changed "if (!x)" to "if (x == 0)" and "if (x)" to "if (x != 0)" Simplified png_free_data(). Added missing "ptr = NULL" after some instances of png_free(). Made a one-line revision ...
License:   Zlib
Keywords:   c, png, image, format, library, raster-image, compression, deflate, gamma, icc, zlib

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