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ownCloud   v7.0.4           11 Dec 00:05, 2014

ownCloud is an online file synchronization and sharing solution. It's easy to use as consumer-grade product, but can be hosted on private servers or data centers. It integrates with existing IT business ...

Changes: minor feature: Trim port from domain. Add workaround for older instances. Add test for IPv6 without port. Create config if it does not exists. preserve an asterisk at the start when escaping a ...
License:   OSL
Keywords:   storage, cloud, web-environment, file-sharing

MeteorJS   v1.0.1           10 Dec 20:25, 2014

Meteor is a uncomplex and data-oriented web application framework for development in pure JavaScript. Instead of transferring HTML output, it provides bidirectional websocket communication for data exchange, thus ...

Changes: security: Fix a security issue in allow/deny rules that could result in data loss. If your app uses allow/deny rules, or uses packages that use allow/deny rules, we recommend that you update immediately.
License:   MITL
Keywords:   javascript, dhtml, webapps, framework

QEMU   v2.2.0           10 Dec 16:50, 2014

QEMU is a generic machine emulator and virtualizer. It can emulate other CPU and host architectures, or run native binaries with native performances by executing the guest code directly on the host CPU ...

Changes: minor feature: Three options are using different names on the command line and in configuration file. In particular:, The "acpi" configuration file section matches command-line option "acpitable"; ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, emulator, virtualization, qemu, system-emulation, hardware-simulation

Bokeh   v0.7.0           10 Dec 16:45, 2014

Bokeh is a Python library for interactive visualizations, plots and dashboards in web browsers. It provides unique rendering recipes and capabilities for large and streaming data sets.

Changes: bugfix hidden minor feature cl: IPython widgets and animations without a Bokeh server Touch UI working for tools on mobile devices Vastly improved linked data table More new bokeh.charts Color ...
License:   BSDL
Keywords:   python, javascript, d3js, visualization, data-presentation, rendering

GNU Dr. Geo   v14.12           10 Dec 13:30, 2014

GNU Dr. Geo, a libre software to design & manipulate interactive geometric sketches. Its aim is to be an open, easy to study, modify and extend interactive geometry software. Distributed with its source ...

Changes: major feature: The important change in this release is the redesign of the script system: - script becomes first class citizen, understand defined as a Smalltalk class; script calculus/side effect ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   education, cross-platform, smalltalk, mathematics

Pentobi   v9.0           10 Dec 11:52, 2014

Pentobi is a computer opponent for the board game Blokus. It supports the game variants Classic (2, 3 or 4 players), Duo, Trigon (2, 3 or 4 players) and Junior. Pentobi has different levels of playing ...

Changes: major feature: Newly supported game variant Classic for three players, in which the players take turns playing the fourth color. Increased playing strength, mainly in Trigon. Several minor fixes ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   c++, game, board-game

ProtoBufEditor   v0.96i           10 Dec 10:45, 2014

ProtoBufEditor allows inspecting and editing binary Protocol-Buffer messages and files. It includes support for Protocol Buffers 2.5.0, can show the differences between messages, and search proto definitions ...

Changes: minor bugfix: This version combines the latest version of the RecordEditor with the latest version of Protocol Buffers. There is no support for the new oneofs(unions) yet. Updates for Java 8 and ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   java, protocol-buffers, editor, binary, developers

stunnel   v5.08           10 Dec 07:25, 2014

The stunnel program works as SSL encryption wrapper between remote and local network sockets or inetd-started daemons. It adds SSL or TLS functionality to any network service, commonly POP3, IMAP or HTTP ...

Changes: minor feature: New featuresAdded SOCKS4/SOCKS4a protocol support. Added SOCKS5 protocol support. Added SOCKS RESOLVE F0 TOR extension support. Updated automake to version 1.14.1. OpenSSL directory ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, ssl, tls, network-daemon, inetd

rsyslog   v8.7.0           10 Dec 03:45, 2014

Rsyslog is a log proccessing framework optimized for performance and throughput. It has a modular design, and offers great security features. It evolved from a regular syslogd into a log message distribution ...

Changes: bugfix: BSD "ntp" facility is now also supported in filter Thanks to Douglas K. Rand of Iteris, Inc. for the patch. Note: this patch was released under ASL 2.0 . bugfix: global was not respected ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   c, syslog, logging, daemon, system-administration

Eric IDE   v5.5.2           10 Dec 00:45, 2014

Eric is an IDE for Python and Ruby. Version 5 is based on Python2, Qt4 and Scintilla. It provides unlimited editor windows and layout, syntax checking and highlighting, autocompletion, calltips, folding, ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Fix in the installer script. Added code to set the 'fill to end of line' setting for the current selection. Corrected some default bookmarks. Changed some code in the install script ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   python, ide, debugger, programmers

Android Studio   v1.0.0           09 Dec 21:25, 2014

Android Studio is an IDE and SDK for Android developement built on IntelliJ IDEA. It provides various build schemes and APK packaging + signing, rich and context-sensitive editing and refactoring support, ...

Changes: major feature: Initial public release, built on SDK 22.2.1.
License:   Proprietary
Keywords:   java, dalvik, ide, android, sdk

rEFInd   v0.8.4           09 Dec 17:45, 2014

rEFInd is an EFI boot manager (forked from rEFIt), that autodiscovers installed boot loaders, and presents a startup GUI. It supports EFI 1.x and 2.x, PC and MAC systems, has a text fallback, can control ...

Changes: minor feature: Tweaked default for dont_scan_volumes: Removed "Recovery HD". This change better suits the needs of OS X 10.10 ("Yosemite") installations, but may result in some stray Recovery HD ...
License:   BSDL
Keywords:   c, efi, boot-loader, mbr, secure-boot

spdwn   v0.3-beta           09 Dec 14:05, 2014

Spdwn is a shell script for streaming Southpark episodes using rtmpdump. It avoids utilizing the browser-based flash player. It further only requires curl or wget, and rtmpdump

Changes: minor feature: Changed logging and output. Defaults/options can now be set as environment variables. Some internal changes and bugfixes.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   bash, rtmp, streaming, video

Wget   v16.1           09 Dec 10:25, 2014

GNU wget is a HTTP and FTP downloading and mirroring tool for the command line. It provides various options and complete HTTP support. It supports REST and RANGE requests for partial and continuous downloads, ...

Changes: minor feature: Add --enable-assert configure option. Use pkg-config to check for libraries presence. Do not limit --secure-protocol=auto pfs to TLSv1.0. Add --secure-protocol=TLSv1_1 TLSv1_2 . Full ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, wget, http, ftp, file-transfer, mirroring

Bootstrap Listr   v1.2.4           09 Dec 07:05, 2014

Bootstrap Listr is a simple PHP script to display folders and files on a server. It utilizes the Bootstrap 3 CSS framework to visualize contents in a well formed list. It provides configurable columns ...

Changes: minor feature: added X-UA-Compatible meta tag according to Bootlint. added search box; loading Stupid Table from CDN. added search box. removed icon option for search. added tooltips for size and ...
License:   MITL
Keywords:   php, apache, file-browser, bootstrap, font-awesome, indexing-search

phpMyAdmin   v4.3.1.0           09 Dec 03:15, 2014

phpMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. It can create, rename, and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, ...

Changes: minor feature: bug #4609 'Show all' checkbox label is not clickable bug #4610 JS error reporting: Hash fragment is reset bug Undefined index menuswork bug #4614 Separator between "Show All" and ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   database, system-administration, php, mysql, mariadb

Linux kernel   v3.17.6           08 Dec 23:45, 2014

Linux is a mostly POSIX-compliant Unix-inspired operating system kernel, originally implemented by Linus Torvalds and now maintained as an international project. It's the base and common namegiver to a ...

Changes: minor feature: Linux 3.17.6, Revert "netfilter: conntrack: fix race in __nf_conntrack_confirm against get_next_corpse"
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   linux, kernel

SQLite   v3.8.7.3           08 Dec 20:05, 2014

SQLite is a lightweight and embeddable database. It's fully ACID and SQL92 compliant with 100% test coverage. As storage a single cross-platform disk file format is used, which may be up to terrabytes ...

Changes: feature: Bug fix: Ensure the cached KeyInfo objects (an internal abstraction not visible to the application) do not go stale when operating in shared cache mode and frequently closing and reopening ...
License:   Public Domain
Keywords:   sql, database, c

freshcode   v0.7.7           08 Dec 16:32, 2014

A software directory management system that allows developers to announce new releases manually, or automatically via version control.

Changes: minor feature: Allow user@github, @sourceforge or name@launchpad for submitter icons. Normalize version strings further (strip "v" prefixes). Introduced X-Content-License HTTP header. Support version ...
License:   Affero GPLv3
Keywords:   php, web-based, software, directory

replacez   v           08 Dec 14:00, 2014

Command line based user interface for editing and applying python scripts that convert lines in a file or from stdin however the user wants it and by whatsoever method is available through python including ...

Changes: minor feature: Initial release. Apply output without too many newlines.
License:   MITL
Keywords:   cli, replace, regex, python, editor, parser, tool

Bike Programming Language   v0.0+b5           08 Dec 13:05, 2014

Bike is a functional programming language, that borrows from Haskell, Scala, Python Ruby, Go and CoffeScript. It tries to offer a clean syntax, lightweight execution model, but still enough syntactic sugar ...

Changes: minor feature: This release is named Hottrix because it is a mixture of Hotfixes and tricks.
License:   Other
Keywords:   ruby, programming-language, llvm, functional, object-oriented

Oggify   v2.0.7           08 Dec 09:45, 2014

Oggify is a command-line tool to convert between different audio formats. It's foremost intended to manage OGG Vorbis based collections, but also supports FLAC, or MP3 for older players, ALAC and MP4 on ...

Changes: minor bugfix: This release is functionally equivalent to the offical SPR version. Changes were made to conform to Fedora Packaging Guidelines.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   python, audio, conversion, ogg, mp3, flac, mp4

Converse.js   v0.8.6           08 Dec 06:25, 2014

Converse.js is an instant messaging client for websites. It provides an entirely browser-based Jabber/XMPP interface, and can connect to any XMPP public server. Converse implementes single and multiuser ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Login panel didn't appear under certain conditions. Error when trying to render chat room configuration form. Text on the registration form was not configurable or i18n aware. With ...
License:   MPL
Keywords:   javascript, html5, xmpp, jabber, chat, messaging, instant-messaging, web-based

Arara/Process   v1.9.0           08 Dec 03:16, 2014

Arara/Process is an abstraction library for process management. It utilizes PHPs ticks, PNCTL and POSIX functions for handling event process callbacks. It can also be used for daemon construction, or just ...

Changes: minor feature: Base exception marker interface for the library Custom exception classes based on the native PHP ones Update Process interface: methods kill(), terminate() and wait() should not ...
License:   MITL
Keywords:   php, library, pcntl, posix, process-management

QEMU   v2.2.0-rc5           08 Dec 03:05, 2014

QEMU is a generic machine emulator and virtualizer. It can emulate other CPU and host architectures, or run native binaries with native performances by executing the guest code directly on the host CPU ...

Changes: minor feature: Three options are using different names on the command line and in configuration file. In particular:, The "acpi" configuration file section matches command-line option "acpitable"; ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, emulator, virtualization, qemu, system-emulation, hardware-simulation

SCaVis   v2.2           07 Dec 23:25, 2014

SCaVis is an environment for scientific computation, data analysis and data visualization designed for scientists, engineers and students. While itself implemented in Java, it provides bindings for Jython, ...

Changes: minor feature: A new canvas HPlotXY for interactive data drawings 2) Support for jplot2d package, inclusing SVG and SVGZ outputs 3) Added 40 Java and Jython examples 4) A bug in ScaVis IDE that ...
License:   Other
Keywords:   java, groovy, jython, jruby, mathematics, statistics, visualization, algebra, plotting

Unsettings   v0.09           07 Dec 19:16, 2014

Unsettings is a graphical configuration program for the Unity desktop environment that lets you change some oft the Unity settings. You can use Unsettings to change the themes for GTK, window manager, ...

Changes: major feature: This version adds support for Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10, and removes support for 11.10 and earlier. It fixes a crash caused by invalid themes and adds more configuration options. New ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   ubuntu, unity, desktop, configuration, settings

BoolStuff   v           07 Dec 17:24, 2014

A C++ library that supports a few operations on boolean expression binary trees. The main features are a simple boolean expression parser, an algorithm to convert a boolean expression tree into its Disjunctive ...

Changes: minor feature: This version fixes a bug with some expressions whose raw DNF can contain terms of the form a a. It also fixes a bug with the negation of a DNF composed only of useless terms, like ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   mathematics, c

Quadrupleback   v0.1.0           07 Dec 17:17, 2014

A video game where intruders must be circled. It is a clone of the 1982 Doubleback game by Dale Lear for the Tandy Color Computer.

Changes: major feature: This is the first release.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, game, sdl, arcade

Batrachians   v0.1.6           07 Dec 17:15, 2014

A fly-eating frog video game. It is a clone of the 1982 Frog Bog video game for the Intellivision, from Mattel.

Changes: minor bugfix: This version links with version 0.1.6 of the flatzebra library. In the previous version of this game, a --max-num-flies command-line switch was added to allow the user to specify ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, game, sdl, arcade

Afternoon Stalker   v1.1.5           07 Dec 17:13, 2014

A robot-killing video game. It is a clone of the 1982 Night Stalker video game for the Intellivision, from Mattel Electronics.

Changes: minor feature: This version links with version 0.1.6 of the flatzebra library. In version 1.1.4, a minimal maze was added to the game (selectable from the Options sub-menu). The Maze menu was improved ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, game, sdl, arcade

Cosmosmash   v1.4.7           07 Dec 17:12, 2014

A space rock shooting video game. It is a clone of the 1981 Astrosmash game for the Intellivision by Mattel Electronics.

Changes: minor bugfix: The desired buffer size in samples passed to SDL_OpenAudio() is now a power of 2, as required by some versions of SDL. If previous versions do not start, this change may resolve that ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, game, sdl, arcade

BurgerSpace   v1.9.2           07 Dec 17:11, 2014

A hamburger-smashing video game. It is a clone of the 1982 BurgerTime video game by Data East.

Changes: minor bugfix: Selecting a slot number when loading or saving games can now be done with the up and down keys, to accommodate keyboard layouts where digits are shifted, like the French keyboard. ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c++, game, sdl, arcade

Verbiste   v0.1.41           07 Dec 17:08, 2014

Verbiste is a French conjugation system. It contains a C++ library, two programs that can be run from the command line or from another program, and a GNOME application. This application shows a text field ...

Changes: minor bugfix: A user has ported the GNOME 2 applet to MATE. Verb choir now has a second present participle: cheyant. Verb sevrer has been fixed. The name of the conjugation model now appears in ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   gnome, linguistic, education, end-users

LimeSurvey   v2.05+           07 Dec 15:05, 2014

LimeSurvey is a web application that interacts with MySQL, MSSQL, or Postgres to develop surveys, publish surveys, and collect responses to surveys. Once a survey has been created, data can be inserted ...

Changes: minor feature: Fixed issue #9140: VV-Import not working with MSSQL (Carsten Schmitz) Fixed issue #9283: More than 255 characters can be entered into a short text question on Postgres and MSSQL ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   survey, php, mysql, mssql, postgres

RPGboss   v0.5.0           07 Dec 10:45, 2014

RPGboss is a 2D role-playing game engine and application designer. It requires little programming logic, comes with a map editor and tiles. It allows custom screen sizes, side battles, defining map events ...

Changes: minor feature: Items and Gold can now drop from enemies. French and German translations (partial). Add more default music by Sean M. Stephens.
License:   Affero GPLv3
Keywords:   java, scala, javascript, game, game-engine, rpg, side-scrolling, code-generator, framework, cross-platform, developers

Fink   v0.38.3           07 Dec 07:05, 2014

Fink is a package management system for Mac OS X and Darwin systems. It utilizes Debians apt and dpkg tools, while "fink" itself is the source to package building system. The project also adapts sources ...

Changes: minor feature: Enable 10.10 bindist by default Support OS 10.10.1 Make system-java* packages visible even if not installed. Validator now allows for public libraries to use @rpath. Bootstrap with ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, darwin, macosx, dpkg, deb, apt-get, packaging, software-distribution, installation

Slpkg   v2.1.2           07 Dec 03:15, 2014

Slpkg is a user-friendly package manager for Slackware. It handles installation, updating, removing, building and monitoring packages with their dependencies. It utilizes Slackbuilds and Slackware.com ...

Changes: minor feature: Added checksum all repositories. - Fix downloads modules.
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   python, package-manager, slackware, installation, packaging

MAWK   v1.3.4           07 Dec 02:12, 2014

Mawk (Mike's AWK) is an interpreter for the AWK Programming Language.

Changes: minor feature: Since the last freecode announcement, there are performance improvements to gsub, and many bug-fixes.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   awk, software, development, interpreters

weewx   v3.0.0           07 Dec 01:25, 2014

weewx is a weather station system for statistic data keeping, reporting, evaluation and distribution. It supports a wide range of hardware weather stations, stores it in SQLite or MySQL databases, can ...

Changes: major feature: Big update with lots of changes and lots of new features. The overall goal was to make it easier to write and install extensions. Adding custom databases, units, accumulators and ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   python, wheater, statistic, science

Pixelitor   v2.2.1           06 Dec 21:05, 2014

Pixelitor is a Java/cross-platform image editor. It provides image filters, drawing tools, layered editing, bleding modes, multiple undo steps, etc. Its main attraction are the more than 80 unique image ...

Changes: minor feature: Image centered in the internal window"Allow Growing" option for the Crop ToolMore zoom levels and "Ctrl + mouse wheel" zoomingNew "Underwater" filterThe "Pinch, Bulge, Twirl" and ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   java, image, image-editor, graphic-filter, raster-graphics

ownCloud   v7.0.4RC2           06 Dec 16:45, 2014

ownCloud is an online file synchronization and sharing solution. It's easy to use as consumer-grade product, but can be hosted on private servers or data centers. It integrates with existing IT business ...

Changes: minor feature: cache total user count. add ldap-search command to occ. LDAP search filter creation changes:. Allow read-only configuration. add proper description what database is supported by ...
License:   OSL
Keywords:   storage, cloud, web-environment, file-sharing

Slap   v0.0.40           06 Dec 12:05, 2014

Slap is a Sublime-like text editor for terminal usage, implemented in NodeJS. It provides first-class mouse support in terminal windows, keybindings like GUI editors, full clipboard support, undo and redo ...

Changes: minor feature: Tries logging to /.slap/slap.log instead of ./slap.log. Minor tweaks. Link to keybindings in readme file should go to line 43. Removes pane logic from Slap.js. Version 0.0.40
License:   MITL
Keywords:   javascript, nodejs, text-editor, terminal, sublime, programming-editor

NetMauMau   v0.4           06 Dec 07:44, 2014

A server for the popular card game Mau Mau. There is also a proof of concept Qt client available: https://github.com/velnias75/NetMauMau-Qt-Client

Changes: major feature: * If a player has lost due a played out Jack, the points are doubled * If a player has lost and a 7 is the open card, the player takes the cards and they get added to the points * ...
License:   GNU LGPLv3
Keywords:   c++, non-interactive, daemon, card-games, console-games, gameframeworks

Eagle Mode   v0.86.0           06 Dec 07:05, 2014

Eagle Mode is a C++ GUI toolkit and provides a zoomable user interface (ZUI) usable as desktop shell even. It functions as filesystem browser and manager, and seamlessly runs integrated applications. Images, ...

Changes: minor feature: Added kinetic effects (inertia and friction) to zooming and scrolling by mouse and keyboard. Added a magnetism which zooms and scrolls automatically for showing a content full-sized. ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   c++, desktop, file-manager, gui, toolkit, zoomable, interface, shell, cross-platform

Universal Media Server   v4.3.0           06 Dec 03:15, 2014

Universal Media Server is a DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server, which is implemented in Java and thus runs on all operating systems. It can convert any media file format, and stream it to a wide range of ...

Changes: minor feature: General: Added the ability to transcode to H.265 Improved filename prettifying Improved support for many formats and codecs Fixed VLC engine Formatted the default renderer file Renderers: Added ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   java, media, streaming, ffmpeg, upnp, dlna

gpgpwd   v0.6           05 Dec 22:44, 2014

gpgpwd is a terminal-based password manager. It stores a list of passwords and their associated usernames in a GnuPG-encrypted file, and allows you to easily retrieve, change, and add to that file as needed. ...

Changes: major feature: This version adds support for storing usernames. Added a proper configuration file. git can now be managed directly from gpgpwd (init etc.) Improved error handling. Several other ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   perl, password, management, encryption, cryptography, utilities, perl, console, x11, bsd, linux, end-users

rsyslog   v8.6.0           05 Dec 22:05, 2014

Rsyslog is a log proccessing framework optimized for performance and throughput. It has a modular design, and offers great security features. It evolved from a regular syslogd into a log message distribution ...

Changes: bugfix: NOTE: This version also incorporates all changes and enhancements made for v8.5.0, but in a stable release. For details see immediately below. configuration-setting rsyslogd command line ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   c, syslog, logging, daemon, system-administration

Raccoon - Google Play desktop client   v3.3           05 Dec 18:35, 2014

With Raccoon, you can download apps from Google Play to your desktop computer instead of your phone tablet. Raccoon is intended for users who: * Don't want to use the official app because of privacy concerns. * ...

Changes: major feature: Added Lollipop support
License:   Apache
Keywords:   google, play, android, java, apk

ffmpeg   v2.5           05 Dec 18:25, 2014

FFmpeg is the leading framework for decoding, encoding, transcoding, muxing, demuxing, streaming, filtering and playing pretty much any media format. It supports widespread and standardized, proprietary ...

Changes: minor feature: 2.5 was released on 2014-12-04. It is the latest stable FFmpeg release from the 2.5 release branch, which was cut from master on 2014-12-04. Amongst lots of other changes, it includes ...
License:   GNU LGPLv3
Keywords:   video, conversion, display, capture, library, c, x11, developers

Bitrig   v1.0           05 Dec 15:05, 2014

Bitrig is a OpenBSD-derived Unix distribution. It retains compatibility but modernizes a few build infrastructure dependencies and core libraries. It currently runs on amd64/x86-64 architectures, utilizes ...

Changes: minor feature: Bitrig 1.0 is the first publically available release, based on OpenBSD 5.6; and completes the switch to LLVM/Clang. Only one GNU tool, texinfo, is retained. Availability of the ARMv7 ...
License:   ISC
Keywords:   c, bsd, unix, distribution, llvm, openbsd, amd64, ports, x11

FLoM   v0.9.0           05 Dec 11:45, 2014

FLoM is a tool for synchronizing shell commands and avoiding complex workarounds. It manages process serialization not unlike "nice" handles their prioritization. It allows shell commands to be serialized ...

Changes: minor feature: Added libflom library to build chain. Implementing client library. Produced the first useless main program that links libflom. First library use case is growing. Implemented flom_lock ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   c, console, terminal, command-line, shells, distributed-computing, cron

Snowdrift.coop   vmaster           05 Dec 08:30, 2014

Snowdrift is a web-based platform for hosting sustainable crowdfunding for projects. With Snowdrift, each patron pledges to match the other patrons in order to build a stronger network around each project. The ...

Changes: major feature: This is a rolling release.
License:   Affero GPLv3
Keywords:   crowdfunding

LibreSSL   v2.1.2           05 Dec 07:25, 2014

LibreSSL is a free version of the SSL/TLS protocol forked from OpenSSL developed by the OpenBSD project. LibreSSL is developed on OpenBSD, development is done in the upstream OpenBSD codebase.

Changes: cleanup: Added reworked GOST cipher suite support thanks to Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov Enabled Camellia ciphers due to improved patent situation Use builtin arc4random implementation on OS X and FreeBSD addresses ...
License:   ISC
Keywords:   ssl, tls, cryptography, security, libraries, aes, rsa, sha1, communications

FrostWire   v6.0.3-build-1           05 Dec 03:15, 2014

FrostWire is a media manager and fast BitTorrent file sharing client. Its focus lies on searching files and a friendly user interface, automatically scans all Torrent indexers, prefetches torrent files ...

Changes: minor feature: Solves issue getting correct single file location from transfer manager. Improved MD5 verification. Thanks @abderraouf-adjal Important UI transfer related actions restored for Linux ...
License:   GNU GPLv3
Keywords:   java, bittorrent, media-player, library, searching, indexing

SimThyr   v3.3.2           04 Dec 23:50, 2014

SimThyr is a continuous simulation program for pituitary-thyroid feedback control. It is based on a published parametrically isomorphic model of thyroid homeostasis. Applications of this program cover ...

Changes: minor bugfix: Bug fix
License:   BSDL
Keywords:   thyroid, endocrinology, medicine, simulation, modelling, cybernetics, biology, bioinformatics, science-research, unix, pascal, object-pascal

Embedthis Appweb   v5.3.0           04 Dec 19:45, 2014

Embedthis Appweb is a fast, little embedded Web server. It is unmatched in efficiency and serves pages at native speed, using an event-driven, non-blocking core to serve multiple requests using minimal ...

Changes: minor feature: Enhance authentication management for AuthType. Enhance authentication configuration via ESP package.json files. Improve log route display with "appweb -s". Clarify documentation ...
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   http, web, server, embedded, c, appweb, embedthis

Embedthis Pak   v0.9.7           04 Dec 15:25, 2014

Embedthis Pak is a generic package manager for application components. It makes it easy to retrieve, integrate and manage components for applications. Pak manages dependencies for you and automatically ...

Changes: minor feature: Fix bootstrapping with openssl Fix relative file wildcard handling Add support for Expansive import/export control . Change Log. Download. Documentation.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   package, package, manager, nom, bower

luit   v2.0-20141203           04 Dec 10:32, 2014

Luit is a filter that can be run between an arbitrary application and a UTF-8 terminal emulator. It will convert application output from the locale's encoding into UTF-8, and convert terminal input from ...

Changes: minor feature: Add table entries for luit to work as expected with CP865. Improvements to search-lists for configuring and runtime.
License:   MITL
Keywords:   text, processing, filters, terminals, terminal, emulators, x, terminals

Embedthis ESP   v5.3.0           04 Dec 07:25, 2014

Embedthis ESP is a blazing fast "C" language web framework that is extremely efficient and access hardware and system data with ease. ESP is not a traditional low-level environment. It is a full MVC framework ...

Changes: minor feature: New documentation layout and design using Expansive for layout. . Issues. Download. Documentation.
License:   GNU GPL
Keywords:   esp, web, framework, asp, mvc

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