Jul 18, 2015 - Looking to add additional project popularity voting functionality soon ...

  Oct 15, 2014 - I was recently surprised to learn that support for Java is dropping from most all major web-browsers. This is probably due to security issues, as well as the trend to use Javascript / HTML 5 methods for active client-side scripting instead of Java. In some browsers, to run Java, each user would need to go off and install the JVM plug-in. But the plug-in is not available on all browsers, and looks less likely to be available as we move into the future. Fortunately we do not use Java on the App-Trove web pages. Java continues to have a big role in platform independent non-web-based applications of course.

  Sep 6, 2014 - Our server provider will have a 15 minute down-time next Tuesday around 2:00-am EDT. Everything should be back running immediately after that.

  Jul 21, 2014 - Welcome to App-Trove.com. App-Trove is intended for sharing news and information about new software applications. It is not intended to host the applications themselves. Rather, it provides a place to search for and find brief descriptions of software applications, announcements of updates and releases, rankings, and to provide external links to application documentation, information, and downloads. Visit frequently to see the latest updates and releases. Join to post updates, and/or to follow specific projects.

We are continuing to improve this site. In the future we plan to add abilities to display image snapshots of applications, as well as support several types of ratings, rankings, trend plots, and user comments and reviews for applications, in addition to an area for sponsored links. Please write with your comments and suggestions. We are driven by the user community and will are working to satisfy your needs.