About App-trove:

App-Trove is a web-site administered by X-SIM LLC, intended for sharing news and information about new software applications. It is not intended to host the applications themselves. Rather, it provides a place to search-for and find brief descriptions of software applications, announcements of updates and releases, rankings, and to provide external links to application documentation, information, and downloads.

Unlike other repositories that restrict entries to only free open-source, or only commercial proprietary (pay-for) software, App-Trove.com lists all types regardless of license or cost. An attribute of each item indicates its license and distribution terms. You can filter your searches for one or the other, or both.

Visit frequently to see the latest updates and releases. Join to post updates, and/or to follow specific projects.

Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions to: Admin@App-Trove.com.